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About Tarinan von Anhalt

As President of Jet Art Fashion Corp., Princess Tarinan von Anhalt creates chic denim artwear, utilizing jet-blast techniques pioneered by her late husband Prince Jurgen von Anhalt. In particular, Tarinan von Anhalt employs the intense jet blast of stationary airplanes to create unique paint patterns on denim. With decades of executive experience in cosmetics and fashion, her responsibilities with Jet Art Fashion Corp. include national and international marketing and merchandizing campaigns. She is currently engaged in developing luxury item lines and licensing projects that encompass handbags, luggage, and diverse apparel types. Jet Art Fashion Corp. is located at 954 Lexington Ave. Suite #327, New York, NY 10021.

Prior to establishing her current firm, Tarinan von Anhalt worked with her late husband in developing proprietary nutraceutical green superfood formulas. The products were planned to be marketed as nutritional weight loss supplements.

From 1990 to 1995, Princess Tarinan von Anhalt held responsibilities as founder and CEO of Samy Salon Systems, Inc., working closely with cosmetic laboratories to create the first-ever line of skin care products formulated specifically for the Hispanic market. Tarinan von Anhalt promoted the line under the brand name “Sistema Samy” in a pioneering 30-minute infomercial broadcast on Hispanic television. She also negotiated a marketing and distribution agreement with Home Shopping Network Direct that allowed market reach throughout South America and Central America as well as Spain.

In 1997, Princess Tarinan von Anhalt built on this experience in founding Skintones Cosmetics Int’l, Inc., a company she led as CEO for three years. The company produced the first professionally formulated cosmetic makeup system that targeted women with olive skin tones. The firm’s AMAPOLA products were featured through infomercials and short-form commercials on Home Shopping en Español, reaching a U.S. Hispanic market of 3 million. Princess Tarinan von Anhalt also launched the product in other countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, and Costa Rica, utilizing direct response campaigns.

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